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Application, Interview & Internship Handbook


Published in September 2022, the latest, 80 page Application, Interview & Internship Handbook offers a comprehensive range of tips, insights and guidance designed to help you successfully negotiate the recruitment process for a wide range of City careers. This includes detailed advice on:

• Boosting your employability, including how to accumulate key experiences that can demonstrate and facilitate your personal development.
• Networking confidently and effectively and building your personal brand, including an explanation of why networking is important.
• Identifying your priorities and distinguishing between different graduate opportunities.
• Successfully approaching CVs, cover letters and LinkedIn profiles.
• Structuring application answers and preparing effectively for assessment centres.
• Tackling the most commonly asked competency, strengths-based and ethical questions, including illustrative examples of how to draw skills and strengths from your experiences.
• Articulating your career motivation in a way that comes across as personal and credible.
• Answering firm motivation questions, including carrying out targeted research, and identifying key differentiators and linking these back to yourself.
• Building your commercial awareness, including your knowledge and understanding of topical current affairs and industries.
• Approaching verbal reasoning, Watson Glaser, situational judgement and e-tray tests.
• Converting internships into graduate job offers.

The handbook also includes tips and insights throughout from career coach and ex-City graduate recruiter Hannah Salton.

EAN: 9780993436406

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