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Application, Interview & Internship Handbook


The Application, Interview & Internship Handbook offers a range of hints and tips designed to help guide you through the recruitment process for a range of City careers. The handbook includes:

• A guide to boosting your employability, including an insight into the types of skills and strengths that firms will expect you to possess and advice on how you can try to accumulate experiences that facilitate your personal development
• Examples of how you can begin working on your applications and preparing for interviews well in advance
• An overview of how to network, including an insight into why networking is important
• Tips to help you approach and structure CVs and cover letters
• Examples of the types of competency, strengths-based, career motivation, firm motivation and ethical questions you may face on application forms and during interviews, complete with detailed suggestions of how you can tackle them
• Advice on how to approach psychometric, situational judgement and e-tray tests
• Guidance on how to convert internships into full-time jobs
• Tips on how to build up your commercial awareness, including your knowledge and understanding of topical current affairs and industries
• A recommended reading list

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