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Commercial Law Handbook

"The Commercial Law Handbook is highly recommended for its concentrated presentation of what commercial lawyers do and how businesses address issues such as strategy, growth and acquisition."

Christopher Stoakes, Author, Commercial Awareness

"This guide provides very comprehensive and well informed support to students looking to take the first steps towards building a career in the highly competitive field of Commercial Law."

Claire Leslie, Senior Careers Consultant, University of Warwick Law School

"Brief yet comprehensive, simple and succinct; an essential read for any aspiring commercial lawyer."

Durham University Law Society

"This handbook has been a significant help to our members in developing their understanding of the commercial legal profession, whilst giving a strong insight into what interviewers (and supervisors during internships) expect."

Edinburgh Commercial Law Society

"As a final year student of a course other than Law, I found this product invaluable. Schogger manages to compile, in a concise and efficient way, a wealth of knowledge and advice and presents it in a way that isn't overbearing or difficult to digest."

Dylan Rose, Spanish and Contemporary Chinese Studies, University of Nottingham

"The Commercial Law Handbook directed me to the concepts I needed to know and then explained them fantastically so that I was equipped with an excellent understanding of how the City works. I would not have had numerous training contract offers without its help!"

Catherine Davis, Law & Sociology, University of Warwick

Investment Banking Handbook

"The Investment Banking Handbook provides a snapshot of what an investment bank does together with the key financial ratios you need to know in order to be a banker - highly recommended."

Christopher Stoakes, Author, Know The City

"This guide provides very comprehensive and well-informed support to students looking to take the first steps towards building a career in the highly competitive field of Investment Banking."

Claire Leslie, Senior Careers Consultant, University of Warwick Law School

"A lot of people want to become investment bankers: the problem is that few know what this means. It’s a complex industry filled with technical jargon. The Investment Banking Handbook is not only a guide to the language of investment banking – it is also an exposition of its structure, methods, stakeholders and skills. It equipped many of our members with the critical toolkit necessary to succeed in the toughest interviews."

London School of Economics, SU Business & Finance Group

"An essential read for any student trying to understand the technicalities of Banking, Economics and Finance and an indispensable tool in anybody’s arsenal of assessment centre preparation."

Warwick Finance Societies

"The Investment Banking Handbook is a superb resource for anyone looking for an introduction to the industry. Highly recommended!"

University College London, Economics & Finance Society

"Extremely insightful and provides an informative explanation of the world of finance, breaking down those technical terms and making it easy to grasp."

Khadar Jama, Politics and International Studies, University of Warwick

Application, Interview & Internship Handbook

"The advice offered covers the whole process, from developing a profile attractive to graduate recruiters, to how to maximise performance in an assessment centre and at interview."

Claire Leslie, Senior Careers Consultant, University of Warwick Law School

"This handbook is an excellent resource, concisely presenting valuable information you need to succeed in applications and interviews with top City firms."

Sponsors for Educational Opportunity (SEO) London

"This handbook offers clear, concise and comprehensive advice, successfully addressing all the issues likely to cross an applicant’s mind. Highly recommended!"

University of London Legal Forum

"A fantastic resource covering the whole recruitment process for insight programmes, internships and graduate careers. We encourage all of our members to use it and those that do highly recommended it. The handbook has helped them to create attractive applications and perform well during interviews, leading to many securing internships and graduate roles."

Warwick Finance Societies

"This handbook has really helped our members better understand the mechanics of the application and interview process, the dreaded psychometric testing and what is expected during internships. Highly recommended!"

Edinburgh Commercial Law Society

"As a History student, I found it hard to engage with the questions City firms were asking on application forms and in interviews. This handbook gave me a strong sense of direction and an understanding of what employers were looking for, helping me to secure both investment banking and commercial law internships."

Antonia Marino, History, University of Warwick

Consultancy Handbook

"This handbook is cleverly designed to provide MBA content through a series of case studies that typically form the basis of a job interview. Additional sections on finance, economics and spreadsheeting provide the graduate with a complete toolkit for success in entering this highly competitive sector. Essential reading."

Christopher Stoakes, Author of Know The City and Commercial Awareness

"The Consultancy Handbook offers a "one stop shop" for all you need to know about careers in consultancy. There are some great tips on how to deal with the dreaded case study interview."

Claire Leslie, Senior Careers Consultant

"The handbook offers a solid introduction to the world of consultancy - perfect for those preparing for case study interviews and seeking to gain valuable commercial knowledge. A great resource!"

University College London, Economics & Finance Society

"Our members have found the wealth of information in this handbook incredibly useful when preparing for interviews with consulting companies. It is concise and to the point, and its structure and format makes it easily digestible. Highly recommended!"

Warwick Consulting Society

Business Writing Handbook

"I am delighted to see this guide join the City Career Series suite. The best written English in a business context is clear, concise and to the point. This guide provides no-nonsense advice on how to achieve that style. Read it, apply its principles and you will soon be writing for success."

Claire Leslie, Senior Careers Consultant, University of Warwick Law School

"John Trimbos is a leading trainer in business writing. This handbook encapsulates the tips and techniques he teaches to young professionals in one easy-to-access source which follows his own rules. Highly recommended."

Christopher Stoakes, Author of Get To The Point and Commercial Awareness

"This is an excellent guide to business writing. The handbook is full of useful information and advice. Not only does John Trimbos know his stuff, he communicates this with clarity and humour."

Nick Cromwell, Leadership and Management Coach, Nick Cromwell Coaching

"An excellent business writing guide – every professional should have a copy."

Catherine Green, Learning and Development Manager, Atkins (Design, Engineering and Project Management Consultancies)

LPC Handbook

"Excellent book, I like it very much. It helps me to save a lot of time in reading the books."

Junjie - Amazon customer

"City Career Services LPC Handbook to be an extremely useful tool for my LPC studies.
I found the the City Career Services LPC Handbook to be an extremely useful tool for my LPC studies. It is a great compliment to the materials given by my LPC provider (BPP).
I found it helpful for my revision but also as a summary of topics for structuring my preparation for lectures and seminars during the LPC. I can highly recommend this handbook to make revision and overall understanding of the LPC core module topics easier and more productive!"

Anon. - Amazon customer

"Above all, what you need to do to pass the LPC is actually understand the law. This book allows you to do that like no other I have used. It breaks down difficult concepts into easily understandable step-by-step guides. It was actually enlightening in some areas such as solicitors accounts where I felt like I was hitting my head against a brick wall until I bought this book and was surprised at how simple it actually was when it’s taught properly. This book covers all the bases and assumes (correctly in my case) that you have no business background and are learning these concepts from scratch. Once you get a thorough and proper understanding of the law, I feel you are well placed to answer any question that the LPC can throw at you, no matter any differences in the structure or format of the questions (not that I found any).
You can tell this book is written by someone who has probably recently completed the LPC. It is a very student-focused guide that cuts through the crap and gives you what really need to know to pass. The formatting and layout is excellent and it is easy to navigate.
Overall this book has been a life saver and I can't think of a study guide that has been as useful as this one."

Anon. - Amazon customer

"Bought this guide for stage 1 of the LPC and it has been so handy throughout for me. Each module is clearly set out and divided with all the key information I needed to prepare for classes, questions but also to consolidate what I had learned.
The statutory references are really helpful to have and the guide is brilliant in breaking complicated concepts down into simple chunks - really helpful when trying to get your head around those tricky parts each week.
The worked examples and inclusion of the key cases was also great - picking up on areas that really boosted my understanding when trying to apply the information to commercial examples.
An excellent revision guide and handbook!"

NS - Amazon customer

"This handbook is amazing. I have the LPC Answered Guide and I am so glad that I found this one because it is much better. Firstly, it is coloured as which makes it way easier to navigate through the content and remember concepts. Secondly, it provides examples of how to apply the law to real scenarios which is pivotal for the LPC exams. No other handbook that I have come across does this. Lastly, it explains things in plain English and it has enough detail for you to understand any complex piece of law. I wish I would have bought this at the beginning of my course! Highly recommended."

Anon. - Amazon customer

"Really good, comprehensive guide, covering all the core elements of the LPC really well. The best on the market!"

Alex - Amazon customer