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Business Presentation Handbook


Written by business communication and presentation expert Peggy Forell and ex-City lawyer/career coach Jake Schogger, the Business Presentation Handbook offers highly practical advice on how to become a positively memorable presenter who delivers positively memorable presentations.

This includes a comprehensive guide to:

  • The three elements of effective communication, including verbal and non-verbal communication.
  • The universally acknowledged qualities of an effective communicator, including an insight into the power of your voice.
  • Managing nerves, including practical techniques to help you manage a range of physiological and emotional symptoms of stress.
  • The importance of authority and how to attain it.
  • Connecting with your listeners, including an insight into common barriers to connecting, advice on how to optimise your body language and eye contact, and guidance on how to use vocal modulation and articulation to your advantage.
  • The universally acknowledged qualities of an effective presentation, complete with an overview of dynamic preparation techniques, an explanation of how to ensure your presentation is relevant, and tips on how to structure and convey the substantive content.
  • Visual aids, including how and when to use PowerPoint, flip charts, whiteboards, hand-outs and notes.
  • The finishing touches needed to make a good presentation great, including advice on how to rehearse effectively and tackle audience Q&A sessions.
  • Implementing the techniques included throughout this handbook, including when delivering virtual presentations, presenting in large auditoriums, and participating in team meetings, client pitches, and one-on-one scenarios.

    “An incredibly clear and compact guide to improving your presentation skills, demonstrating Peggy’s wealth of experience in this key aspect of professional life. These skills are so often underdeveloped and undervalued, so I can’t recommend this book enough.”
    Peter Beddows, Former Learning & Development Director at Diageo and Dean of Ashridge Business School

    “At long last: Peggy Forell’s award-winning, in-demand advice on presentation skills in an easy to use handbook. A must read for anyone looking to refine their presentation skills!”
    Courtney Lotfi, Of Counsel at Jones Day

    “A treasure trove of clear, actionable advice that will transform the way you present. Every speaker should read this book.”
    Grace Forell, TV and Radio Presenter

    “A fantastic how-to guide, with an incredibly interesting approach to the 'how's and why's' of presenting in front of others. It's good to know that being nervous does not mean there is something wrong with you!”
    Professor Emerita, University of Oregon School of Law

    “This guide is excellent at demystifying the enigmas of public speaking, and is underpinned by classic techniques and tangible advice”
    Chris Pannell, Regional Vice President Salesforce