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Consultancy Handbook


The Consultancy Handbook offers a solid grounding in the general knowledge required for consultancy interviews and internships. The handbook includes:

• An overview of the role of consultants, the various types of consultancy firms and the industries typically serviced by consultants
• An insight into the recruitment process, with particular focus on how to prepare for and tackle case study interviews
• An explanation of issues relating to profitability and how to apply the Profitability Framework in case study interviews
• An insight into the strategic and operational challenges that businesses can encounter and the way in which the Business Situation Framework can be used to tackle related case interview questions
• An introduction to mergers and acquisitions, including the potential benefits for companies
• An overview of market sizing questions and brainteasers, complete with examples of how to solve them
• Examples of other case study analysis tools including the SWOT, Porter’s Five Forces and PESTLE frameworks
• An introduction to key accounting, finance, business valuation and economics concepts
• An overview of key Microsoft Excel formulas and shortcuts
• Definitions of key commercial terms
• General interview advice relating to competency, commercial awareness and case study interviews and guidance on how to convert internships into full-time jobs

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